Sunroom Construction Hunterdon County And Surrounding Area

Sunroom Construction

Have you thought about building a sunroom onto your home?  A sunroom is a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine without having to experience the weather.  A sunroom is also a great place to entertain friends and guests, grow a small herb garden, house some of your indoor plants, or even install a hot tub.

Why Do You Want To Build A Sunroom?

  • Do you just a want a nice well-lit space to relax?
  • Are you a gardener and want a place for indoor plants?
  • Do you have an existing porch you'd like to enclose?
  • Do you have a beautiful backyard you'd like to enjoy without experiencing the weather?

Gomes Group Limited is a home remodeling and construction contractor based out of Glen Gardner, New Jersey and serving all of Hunterdon County. We specialize in designing and building sunrooms for our customers.  Whether you want to enclose an existing porch or patio, build a 4 season sunroom you can enjoy year-round, or a seasonal sunroom that is perfect for your summer gatherings our team can help you.

What To Consider When Building Your Sunroom?

#1.  Will you be building on an existing foundation?  If you are converting an existing room into a sunroom and already have a foundation such as a concrete slab or proper footings in place it can save on some construction costs if the foundation is suitable for a sunroom.  If you don't have a foundation one will have to be constructed and this could be cumbersome if there is limited access to your backyard.

#2.  Do you want the sunroom to be insulated?  If the sunroom will be an extension of your home without an interior door then it would make sense to insulate the new structure.  With an insulated sunroom or 4 season sunroom you'll be able to enjoy your new space year-round no matter what the weather conditions are.  If you just want a sunroom to enjoy seasonally when the weather is warm and nice then a 3 season sunroom (usually uninsulated) might be a better choice.  It is more expensive to build a 4 season sunroom.

#3.  What type of windows and how many will you need?  The whole purpose of a sunroom is to enjoy the sunshine so windows are an important decision you'll have to make.  Will you a glass panel ceiling or just a few skylights?  Will you have floor to ceiling glass for walls or will you have a few strategically placed windows?  Maybe you want a bow or bay window installed?  Determining how you're really going to use the new sunroom space will help you make these decisions.

#4.  What will your electrical requirements be?  You'll probably want some electrical outlets in your sunroom, maybe you'll want heat installed, you'll want good lighting so you can enjoy the space in the evenings or on cloudy days.  You might want ventilation or air conditioning installed to so it's comfortable to be in on those really hot summer days.  Electrical requirements need to be considered before construction begins because making changes later on in the process can be expensive.

#5.  Will you need to tie into an existing roof structure?  If the sunroom is attached to your structure than that answer is yes.  You'll have to tie into your existing roofing system and this could be relatively easy or it could be much more difficult depending on the style of your roof and it's pitch (how steep it is).

#6.  What about matching the exterior to your home exterior?  If you're building a new sunroom addition you're going to require exterior services such as installing siding.  In most cases a homeowner wants the exterior of their sunroom to match the existing structure so it blends in naturally and looks like it always supposed to be there.

Are you ready to meet with us to discuss your sunroom construction project?  We'd love to schedule a consultation with and we're excited to share our sunroom ideas with you.  Give us a call at (908) 674-2441 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.